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How a 59 years Old Grand ma make N150k monthly online from Vtu telecoms business.

Do you know that Nigeria is the largest country in Africa with over 190,000,000 phone users and about 150,000,000 people that uses data and airtime every day?

Do you also know that CBN has granted business minded people to go into mobile banking as a result of Covid 19?

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Sometimes in 2019, I come across an old Grand ma that sells airtime in my street, while looking for where to buy an airtime.

I bought an MTN recharge card of N200 , even before the woman could be able to attend to me, i waited patiently so that it will reach my turn.

After I bought and go, I come again after two days and the same thing repeated,

That is when I begin to think about what the old Grand ma is doing, I began to ask my self if there is profit in what this old woman is selling. I later asked my self if she is probably using some charms , that helps her sell the way she is selling,

All this we’re going on in my mind untill one day, I decide to go and investigate her.

That is after I became so familiar with her.

I did as I decided, I went to her to find out why she is selling the way she is selling . And she told me that she sells cheaper than others that is why she has more customers than others.

Then I asked her, why do you sell cheaper?

Then she said ,she used to buy cheaper, that is why she sells cheaper.

I picked that.

As she sells cheaper than others, is she making progress in the business? I asked her.

She said how?

Then I asked her again, like how much can she make in a month from this business ?

At first, she was skeptical, she don’t want to tell me. But she later begin to narrate to me about the things she has been doing with money, her benefits, the things she has achieved.

Her achievement, and things like that.

She don’t want to be that open, then I go , and come back another day.

When I bring up this matter, she asked me and said what do you want to hear from me. Do you want to start the business? She asked, I said yes.

She paused and continue her transactions with her customers, it was later she begin to tell that if I start this business, that I will be making at least one hundred and fifty thousand monthly (N150,000)

I open my mouth wide!!!

Then I said ehhhh, na lie, mama you don come.

And she said, who is telling you lies, I said you, and she became so serious about it , that at the beginning, I can be making at least N70,000 a month, but with time, I will be making up to N150,000 monthly.

Now , I come to realized what she is saying and she even suggested one junction for me to go and start selling my own there.

I asked her, what and what should I be selling to make this money. And she said , I should be selling recharge cards,Data,Gotv and DStv subscription,recharge pins, Waec scrtach card and even Nepa bills

She goes as far as telling me the Telecom company that sells to her at a well discount price that made her sell the price she likes.

That’s a top secret.

That day, when I got home,I crossed my heart that this business is mine, that I am going to do this business.

This is a must.

When I decided to do this business, I changed mine to be an online business, and I come to understand that mailing money online are of various types , it all depends on the make money online model you know.

I discovered a platform that sells airtime,data, recharge pins and waec scratch pins to me. I started this business , just as the woman directly said.

It wasn’t that easy that week, but the preceeding week, I made good money, I must say the truth.

That month, I think, I was able to make about N36,750 on the whole

Few months later, everything changed when, people has known me,I have made some customers, and I begin to understand why the woman was making that kind of money.

I said to myself, now I realized the truth of this business

As I am writing this article, money is flowing in and out every day in my account.I am really thanking God for touching that woman to reveal this secret to me.

So, in my opinion, starting a virtual top up business with Mobile banking will give you a huge leap, if you are looking for how you can begin to make money online.

As telecom business will continue to thrieve, and as far as technology is concerned! Nigerians spend over two billion naira (2,000,000,000) monthly just on airtime.

Why do you think that banks are into virtual top up? Do you not know that when ever you you recharge or subscribe for data, pay for Gotv, DStv, your banks charges you for services added to the profit they are making from Telecom service providers? Virtual top up and mobile banking are the sure way forward for you if you are looking for a business to go into.

Now, even if you don’t have huge capital to go in to this business, you can register free and fund your wallet with what you have and start selling to your friends and families.

Then when you begin to understand how the business goes, you can now look for money to do this business.

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Since,I got this information free and it has helped greatly to a large extent to make money online.

Yes, everything I do on this business is online, so I am making my money online and I know there are millions of people out there who are looking for a proven way to make money online.

For the sake of those who lost their job as a result of covid-19 added to the huge number of people who are looking for job before Covid 19, I mean the unemployed.

I am releasing this secret website where you can get registered and buy airtime and data bundles at cheaper rates to those who are interested to make money reselling vtu to direct customers below.

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